A-Ads or Anonymous Ads Advertising Network Is it a Scam?

A-ads or anonymous Ads is an advertising network that doesn’t force users to collect any personal data(optionally)At the same time it aims to provide fully transparent and verifiable service to its customers, that is the tagline of the of this bitcoin advertising network and that what makes this network different from other giant networks like google adsense.

Here is a brief explanation of how Anonymous Ads works:

  • Publishers embed AnonymousAds code on their sites to start earning.
  • Advertisers pay any amount to publishers via AnonymousAds to get a proportional share of ad impressions from them.
  • Each time visitor comes to publisher’s site, AnonymousAds serves random ad with respect to amounts paid to that publisher by advertisers.
    More advertisers pay to particular publishers – higher the share of impressions they get from them. Hence if advertisers reward publishers for sales, then they improve efficiency of their campaign. No need to worry about CTR, CPC or CPM. Throw some amount to test your publishers and then reward them for sales!

Actually its the transparent Bitcoin advertising network that doesn’t collect any personal data about its users. Their lightweight ads don’t contain javascript or swf. They don’t spy on their users and don’t provide targeting based on browser history. They don’t sell visitors and don’t pay per click or per impression. They sell a share of traffic of their publishers to their advertisers.

Advertisers allocate their funds on advertising spaces (ad units) and get a share of impressions from them. They can track the sources of efficient traffic and reward them for sales to improve the targeting of their campaigns.

If you want to Buy Ads(For Advertisers)

Just try this out. Create an advertising campaign, it should take less than a minute since no registration is needed.

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After your campaign is created, you can adjust its parameters, deposit any amount and wait for your ad to be activated by our moderators.

They are also searching for advertisers that are willing to receive free traffic and use CPA or revenue-sharing model. Pay for traffic after it converts!

For Publishers

It is pretty basic. No registration required. Just set up an ad unit, and select your filters. Give your bitcoin address for payment, and your done. The page will then give you a code to embed into your website or blog and you can keep track of your stats by bookmarking the ad unit page you just created.
Further more, you can set up your account to have more access to the site and managing your ad units, tracking stats and have access to all settings including withdrawal threshold, bitcoin address etc.

A-Ads or Anonymous Ads Offer CPC and CPM

This network provides cost per click(CPC) and cost per mile(CPM). You can earn 0.00001673 Bitcoin($0.01) per click and 0.00035729 Bitcoin($0.33) per mile, please be noted that this rate can go up and go down depends on the price of the bitcoin in the market.

They also offer banner and text advertisement, the design is simple and not annoying to your readers, so it is the great choice for monetizing your website or blog.

Affiliate Program

A-ads also has an Affiliate program and what makes it better than other ad networks is that All the publishers participate in its affiliate program. They get 50% of fees collected from advertisers attracted by their ad units (~10% of their spendings). Anybody can create an affiliate link and earn daily rewards by promoting this service.

If you have plans to monetize your website or blog or you want to create a campaign to promote your business with this ad network. you can already visit this advertising network, by clicking this link to proceed.

Thank you for reading! If you have any question or thoughts about this blog post, you can leave a comment below and i will be happy to give you my response.

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