Become a Load Retailer To All Network

Are you interest to have a load retailer in the Philippines? Do you want to become a load retailer to all network Today I’m gonna share a business opportunity for all Filipinos out there who are interested to become a load retailer. We all know business is a risk especially when its done online.

Not everyone is open to that kind of online business because people are usually afraid of scam or to try new things. In my post I can assure everyone that this is NO SCAM at all. I’ve been using this for a while now. And actually it is being used by a lot of people now and a lot of people are already been talk about in the internet that it is guarantee safe which is  it is primarily use to be a best bitcoin wallet.

That’s true. is a site where you can create a bitcoin wallet. But you can do more with this site like buying load and paying out your bills.

The question is how will you earn money from these services?

Of course you have to register and verify your identity. Just follow this link to register. 

Once your done with the registration Verify your identity. This will allow you to have higher transaction limits.

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If you have successfully verified your account add funds to start up your business. They have several options to cash in or add funds to your wallet. Like online bank transfers, payments thru convenient stores and department stores, pawnshop and many more.

Once you have sufficient balance  you can start earning some money by using these methods:

You can sell load to SUN , SMART and Globe. The profit that you will get is 5% rebate each transaction. The best thing here is that you don’t need to buy expensive retailer sim cards and cheap phones just to sell load, because you can do it any time when you are online on your phone , tablet or PC. However, the selection of amount to sell is just limited. Therefore, it has no promos or special loads.

Also you can Pay your own and your neighbors bills. Get 5 pesos each unique bills you pay and an extra 100 pesos for every 5 bills per week.What is great is that you there is also a side business with

what is it?

You can Refer your friends by getting you invite link. Once they register they must verify their identity. When they’re done, both of you will earn 50 pesos. isn’t that great!? easy right?

How To Get Invite link/Referral link?

To able to refer a friend to Coins.PH, you must need to open a computer, open a browser and go to and login then you will proceed to dashbord.

Then go to Earn Rewards.

then click Refer a Friend.

Then get Your Referral link.

Bills payment should be done 3-4 days prior to due dates because their turn around time in processing the payment is 3 days.

Before they are accepting payments for Meralco(for manila) however it has been removed as of the moment until their further notice.

Final Word With You!

If you find this idea can be good for you don’t ever hesitate to take the opportunity. Register on for free and start your own online business today!

Register Now!

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