Blogging Tips About Guest Posting

Writing for guest post is the best way  to build backlinks to your blog and also can bring more attention to your blog. Without participating to guest post you can’t have a successful content strategy to increase the chances of page views to your blog.

What is Guest Posting

Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. Guest posting is a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out because your name and your blog’s url will be included in a blog post of other people’s blog because its a way on giving a credit to the writer’s contribution.

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What are Some Reasons Why you Need to Participate on Guest Posting

Guest posting builds relationships

Bloggers needs help to think of a good content. By being a good guest blogger and when you are able to add value to someone else’s blog, you are able to build relationship with other bloggers.

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By making friends with other bloggers through guest posting, you’re going to grow your influence in the realm of social media, which will ultimately lead to more blog subscribers.

Search Engines Love Guest posting 

The owner of the blog that you participate in guest posting must include a link to your blog in the post somewhere and they put it usually at the beginning or end.

Over time, these backlinks will raise the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easier to find via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Guest posting introduces you to new people

The best part of guest posting is that it allows you to enter an already established community(In High PR Blogs), and share your message. It allows you to connect with new people, which can ultimately benefit you, if you do it right.

If you’re adding value to the discussion, you’re going to see that convert over time to more readers, fans, and followers.

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Blogging Tips About Guest Posting

Make a Research

You can’t be a successful guest poster if you don’t know how to do proper research.  How else are you going to even begin offering anything that would be of value if you have no idea the blog is about? One way that you can get ahead in the game is by studying the  blog’s ‘About’ page and reading up on a couple of recent blog articles. Try looking at the kind of topics that the blogger is interested in so that you know what sort of things you can write about.

If you need more inspiration, take a few hours to study their social media feeds to see what they’re passionate about at the moment. The idea is to strike a connection with your blogger so don’t let the opportunity to do some research pass.

Think of a Way How you can Add Value to the Blog

After doing your research and understanding what the blogger is most passionate about, by now, you should already have a clearer idea on how you’ll be able to help the blogger in his or her own cause. Even if they don’t tell it to your face directly, all bloggers have their causes that they want to push.

Do Guest Post using your own Tone

After doing your research and exploring opportunities on how you can be add value to the blogger’s blog, the next thing you need to do is decide on a tone. You seldom get a second chance when sending guest post so make sure to get it right the first time. While a guest post pitch requires a professional tone, don’t be afraid to show off a bit of your unique personality.

Make sure to check your tone so that you don’t come off as arrogant or overly confident. Technically, you’re the one coming forward asking for a favor so try to be as respectful as you can, without having to stoop below your level. Be confident and straightforward with your request so even if the blogger refuses your guest post, you won’t feel bad or beaten down by it.

Add a little bit Humor to Your Guest Post

There is a lot you can accomplish by adding a little sense of humor, so if you can somehow make the blogger smile with your guest post, you have a greater chance of getting a favorable response. Showing off your humor is a surefire way to establish human connection so go ahead, don’t be afraid to make them laugh!

If humor isn’t exactly your strong suit, don’t force it. You can get the same results by paying the blogger a well meaning compliment. Be honest and let the blogger know what you liked about his or her blog. Don’t ever resort to saying anything that will compromise your integrity. Always Remember, you’re trying to create a connection.

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