BTC Clicks Review: Is It a Legitimate PTC Website?

Bitcoin can be used to buy things electronically. So that means, it’s like conventional dollars, euros, or yen, which are also traded digitally. That is why a lot of people today are finding ways how to earn more bitcoins to increase their bitcoin in their bitcoin wallet.

Luckily, I have discover a website that gives you a chance to make bitcoin and it is called BTC Clicks.

BTC Clicks Review: Is It a Legitimate PTC Website?

BTC Clicks is giving you a chance to earn bitcoins just by viewing ads for a few seconds which has a corresponding reward per view. You can see 22-25 ads daily for a price per click of 0.00000092 Bitcoin when you’re standard user.

The minimum to cashout is 0.0001 Bitcoin and the TOS said that the payment deadline is an undefined time. You can choose among the following payout methods : Bitcoin . With this P.T.C. website you will win 0.00000073 of your referral clicks when you’re standard user.

According to their latest update, members can:

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  • Earn up to 0.00415 mBTC per click
  • Earn up to 0.00332 mBTC per affiliate/referral click
  • Minimum payout is 0.10000 mBTC
  • Affiliate/referral program with a 40% to 80% commission!
  • Premium membership costs 4.86000 mBTC/3 months and earn x2 your earnings.

The Idea How You Can Earn Bitcoin in BTC Clicks

The key to earning more in BTC Clicks

The real money maker in BTC Clicks depends on the referrals. Your work alone is just a single slice of the pie. You see, if you have a referral, BTC Clicks would pay you 80% of the value of a single ad that your referral has clicked.
Let’s say you have one referral, you and your referral clicks on 20 ads per day for 5 days and each ad pays 0.00040mBTC. Your earnings alone will amount to 20ads*0.00040mBTC*5days = 0.04mBTC. You will receive 20ads x 0.00032mBTC x 5days = 0.032mBTC from your referral. The total will amount to 0.072mBTC in five days.
What if you have 10 referrals?Let’s say again that you and your 10 referrals click 20 ads per day for 5 days and each ad pays 0.00040mBTC:
     Your earnings
          20 ads x 5 days x 0.00040 mBTC = 0.04mBTC
     Your earnings from 10 referrals
          20 ads x 5 days x 0.00032 mBTC x 10 referrals = 0.32mBTC
Your total amount of earnings for 5 days is now 0.36mBTC which is equivalent to .33 USD

Final Word With You

In BTC Clicks you will first small at start but it doesnt matter. Think of this way, the more you have referral the more you will gain big bitcoins. The good thing about BTC Clicks is that it help you multiply your time and effort with the help of referral you invited to try BTC Clicks.

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