How To Get Approve From Google Adsense To 65% Chances

Are you one of the blog or website owners who is finding a way how to get approve from google adsense? FYI a lot of bloggers are chasing for approval from google adsense because google has the highest rate when a readers of a blog tries to click the ads

Google AdSense is one of the most earned money by many bloggers by showing your passion towards writing and sharing the knowledge. Google AdSense is trusted by many advertisers and publishers from the past few years, and usually they never accept anyone randomly who is trying to apply for an account. You need to show them the most professional approach of getting your account accepted, else Google will simply throw your application aside.

Statistics say that Google AdSense accepts only 10%  of every 100% applications they received each day. If you are trying to get approved or has been rejected earlier, follow these simple guidelines to get your own AdSense account in just less than 3 months. Though these below tips won’t get you the account approved instantly, but will surely work if you try inheriting each step mentioned below. I’m sure it worked for 60% of people who read this blog post.

Make sure that you follow these following guidelines without a fail, else your application will be rejected without any further pending approval. Remember that everything which I mentioned below counts. Don’t compromise on number of posts, own domain, good design and other metrics, else the chances of rejection is higher at your end. Okay lets see what i got!

How To Get Approve From Google Adsense To 65% Chances

#1 Make Sure That Your Domain is more than 45 days old

Must and should our Custom Domain or blog should be at least 45 days old. So, that there is a possibility to get adsense approval as I got for one of my blog.

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#2 Your Blog/Website Template Must be Responsive

The template that we are applying for our blog is also very important as it plays a crucial role for Adsense Approval. Best thing is apply the Theme which had already approved for Adsense. Edit the template clearly and see that every Icon is working perfectly with correct links that are lnked in template of HTML. So, that there are more number of chances to get approved.

#3 Your blog/Website Must consists of atleast 10 or More Than 15 posts

To get adsense approval atleast we have to write 10+ posts in our blog with good and genuine content. Never copy the content from other sites. Never miss to give Alt+text. Every minor thing matters here. I use to examine each and every thing in the blog before applying for adsense.

#4 Must Have No Copied Content

See that no single line is copied from others blogs. And don’t provide any links in your blogs like results URL’s, Tickets of matches URL’s, etc. Google consider them as copied one. If it is mandatory to provide URL in your blog, then the best method is to provide that link in text manner and then keep a “NOTE” that to copy that URL and paste it in new window to get results or tickets what ever it is.

#5 The main thing is About Us, Contact Us

The minor things plays major role in Adsense Approval. About Us, is the page which is more and more important which should be filled with correct and required information. About Us can be filled with atleast 4 lines or even more, but correct information should be provided about authors and content that you are providing in your blog.

Contact Us, is also an important page where you have to check that whether the form is working correctly or not. If not change it soon.

#6 Disclaimer/Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions

This is most important and sometimes Adsense get approved by just changing these three forms. And I have experienced this in many cases not many almost in all case I have changed these three forms.

Disclaimer or Privacy Policy are mandatory to each and every blog. There is some unique content for these two forms. If and only if you keep those content in these forms, Adsense approval gets Easy. For example, you can consider our blog’s Disclaimer page

Terms and Conditions are not mandatory, but there is no loss of publishing this page. Better to have this page also on your blogs.

#7 Apply For Adsense.

If the blog is Tech, Health, Niche, Earnings, All Top and some other, then just follow up to now what I have mentioned above. But, if the blog is about binary trade, need to add binary trade related privacy policy and little changes should be done.

I suggest you, people, not to apply adsense for religion related blogs, Education sites which contain a number of links. To my experience, these blogs will get rejected by Google.

#8 How to apply for Adsense?

If you have applied for Adsense once, then when you apply again see that the address and Phone number should not match. Generally, it takes a maximum of 4 to 5 days for AdSense approval. As now some Adsense policies are changed and made strong we need to wait for some more days.

IP address and Payee Name doesn’t matter while applying for Adsense. When you submit your form, Google will review your form. Once accepted your form, you will be able to login into Adsense account and it shows a dialog box at the top in red color showing ” Your application for the website( you applied for ) is under review. For approval place a Blank ad code in your website for approval”. Here, you need to do is create a 300X250 ad unit and get a code, place it in your website on the right bottom of the home page.

Until and unless your application is reviewed by Google you will be seen only blank at that place. Once your application is reviewed and if it is successful, then you are able to see a real ad displaying on your blog/website. That’s it your website is approved for Adsense.

Final Words With You:

I hope this had help you to get approve to google adsense. With this post you will get a higher chance to get approve by google adsense. remember these tips that i shared to you if you want to get higher chance up to 65% getting approve. If you have any thoughts about this blog post. please a comment and i will be happy to give you my reply.

Good luck to you and have a nice day!

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