How to Get Free Backlinks For Your Blog to Rank Up

High quality backlinks are a major piece of Google’s algorithm and they will continue to be, as they can be the deciding factor that pushes a website to the top of the search results.

What is the benefits of Backlinks To SEO

Google consider your blog as good indication that your website provides useful information, When google sees that your blog has many backlink(websites that refer to your site or linking it and redirecting to your blog) , Google algorithm will decide that your blog has a good quality content, because many site refer to your blog. When google verifies your backlink are from good websites, they will usually(not always) show your blog on the first page of google search engine.

Lets face it! Doing backlinks takes a while but in this post i will going to share to you some trick to get backlinks easily and free:

List of Free Backlink Websites

Index Kings

This is a rapid website submitter. Index Kings will Submit your website to various website statistics that will give you valuable backlinks that will rank you up in google. You can get up to 15,000 backlinks with this site.
Backlinkr build up to 2,500 high quality backlinks in your blog, that backlinks that are generated for you are from well establish websites which are frequently crawled by search engines.

2000 Backlinks

This free backlinks builder tool can build up to 2,500 free backlnks that are also frequently crawled by search engine bots.

SEO Unity

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SEO Unity free backlink builder/Generator tool will automatically submit your website to 660 different websites.

Real Backlinks

100 plus Free real Backlinks. Recieve Extra Traffic from Real Backlinks

Link Soar

Link Soar creates over 50 backlinks to your website. These backlinks are most helpful for new websites, as it helps boost your web presence to search engines. If your domain or URL changes in the input box, that means your input redirects to that location and we automatically resolved the redirect to its end location.

Y.M.E Daily

Y.M.E Daily free backlink builder tool will automatically add your link to 11,539 different websites.
All you need to do is type your URL and their tool will handle the rest!

Doing a Free backlink will not boost your blog’s google search rankings but it will support some how for a little. Doing Guest post and comment from other blog are the one who will give you a big boost to your SEO bacause in free backlinks it only help you to let bots frequently crawled your blog to get more keywords to your blog to able for google to show you on search engines while users type in a keyword that match in your blog posts, but in writing great guest post and professional commenting will lure a lot people to check out what is on your blog because of your backlinks in other website.
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