How to make a Static Front Page for your Blogger Website

Did you not know you can make a static front page for your blogger blogspot website? I have been questioned by my friends on how to do it. so i decided to make a tutorial so if ever i were ask again, i will just say sure i will help you, just go to my blog 😀

Where can you Use Static Front Page?

When you’re making your first default blog. All you see in your front page is the list of blog post you do in blogger blogspot. When you set a static front page, you are given a chance how you will welcome your visitor in your website. You can share about yourself in the front page of your site, or a memo or an announcement, its your call what you want to do.

Today i am going to teach you how you will going to make a front page for your blogger blogspot website:

The Trick here is you redirect your prepared post or page to Front page or i shall call Static Page.

The great thing about the new Blogger template is that you can redirect pages to other pages

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Step 1

First of all you must first be login to

Step 2

The second step is to simply create a static page in Blogger called something for example ‘About’

static front page blogger


Step 3

Hit the Publish Button. From the Blogger Page list. Click view
static front page blogger

Step 4

Get the following Url start at p for example in the picture, i copy the url: /p/about.html
static front page blogger

Step 5

After getting your url like what i encircle in the above image go to Settings>>Search Preferences and click Custom Redirects then click Edit
static front page blogger

Step 6

In the  box 1: enter only a forward slash – “/”. In the box 2 enter the Url that you just copy previously in our case it was “/p/about.html”.

Just follow how i did it the picture.
static front page blogger
All Blogger static pages have a /p in front the URL. You can see that the html name was the page title we used, so if you used something else for your title like ‘Main Page’ then the html would be /p/main-page.html.

Go ahead and press the little Save text link and then the Save changes button highlighted in the image above. What’s now going to happen is that your main URL will redirect to the static page you’ve created. Go ahead and try to access your blog now – you should go directly to the new static page from the main URL.

Congratulation you did it! If you look at your blog now, you’ll see your front is now what you prepared your front page was. Enjoy!!!

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