How to Make Your Own Blog in 3 Minutes Using Blogger.

If you are interested in making your own Blog, then you must follow my simple tutorial. As a New Blogger i know you are confuse on what you are going to do first, and what you should do and what are the following requirements to able to make your own brand new blog.

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So if you plan to make a living out of it follow my steps to get your own brand new blog!

There are lots of blogs out there that will teach you to make your own blog but it cause you a lot of money. The good thing about my tutorial is you only need a domain name. it only cost you more or less $15 for a year already. that is already cheaper than planning to build your own business that will cause you more than $15 a month. i will tell you more details as you follow the step to make your own brand new blog.

Before we proceed in making your own blog, you must first know what you need to do.

To make a blog, you must have a Platform, There are two best platform that mostly blogger use and they are WordPress and Blogger. For New Blogger i suggest you use first this platform called , Compare to WordPress this is free , not like WordPress you need a hosting site that will host your website files and before you are going to have a WordPress Hosting Site you need to pay $5 per month and it will already cause you too much for a new blogger like you. I wanted you pick blogger because i wanted you to make your blog with less hassle  and more cheaper expenditure in making your first blog.

What is My Opinion Why You Should Choose Blogger than WordPress?

Comparing Blogger and WordPress about Search Engine Optimazation or SEO they are only the same, what important thing that a blog need is that it must have a high quality content and the age of your domain name.
One thing that make the blogger platform less than WordPress it is because other blogger think that it is a free platform. Other blogger will tell you that free platform can delete your blog any time they want to. But let me remind you that is a product of Google and google has a big name in the world wide web. They will not put stain in their hands just to break their rules and policies just for for your blog if you dont do anything wrong.
There are Some Reason why Google might Delete your Blog and this are the Following.
1. Use Blogger Platform to Make a Blog and Use it to Illegal Activities.
2. Promoting Pirated Website.
3. Promoting Nudity Content.
4. Contents are Violating Copyright
5. Hate Speech or Ruining other People Using Blogger blogs.
6. Using Blogger Blog to Spread Viruses.


If you plan to make a blog and if your content will not violate the rules mention above then your blog will be safe from deletion in the future. blogger is still my number one choice for a blog starter like you. Now that you understand what you need to know about blogger then you are ready to the next step.

How to Start your First Blog for Beginners

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