How to Maximize your Blog Search Engine Visibility

Did you know that Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a dirty game which you can boost organic traffic to your blog.

There are hundred of things that you can do with your blog that will help increase your search engine visibility and if you are competitive, you will need to do everything just to make your blog seen-able .

sometimes it helps to start with the basics. If you haven’t done these this kind of techniques, now’s the time to improve your visibility and rank at Google, Yahoo and the rest of the search engines.

Whenever I talk about the Keyword Strategy the basic thing i need you to remember is that all of this is dependent on the Search Engines.The Search Engine is the deliverer of the right keywords and information to the researcher or the user on the Search Engines , so it is true that we are dependent in search engine rules. If we dont follow the algorithm of search engine, then your blog will not be easily seen. Now how can we deal with the search engines ?

Page Title Familiarization

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Whenever you are going to implement your keywords in the article , the most obvious and important thing to implement is the Page Title.The Page title is usually at the top of the browser , page title settings is completely under your control , you can change the title to your desired words.In the page title relevant keyword should be used , why? Because the Page Title is the primary SEO Element of each page ! Now write what you have mentioned in the title i.e summarize the title keyword in the article.Key points you should implement on your blog for the page title is given below

Your Page title should not exceed the limit of 65 Characters ! Oh what i type 65? Yes, Search engine only shows the first 65 Characters , so you should limit your page title to the 65 Characters, you can exceed the 65 characters limit but it will be considered bad SEO.

Page Structure

Whenever the search engine servers download your website pages it looks the structure of the website.Let’s suppose you have a website having navigation menu where keywords are used in such away that it is related to your website so it will be considered good SEO.Moreover headings should be used in the format given below.

  • h1 for Primary Headlines
  • h2 for Subheadings
  • h3 For minor headings

and So on

Links on the navigation and footer are considered navigational links by Search Engines and the links which are used in the content will be treated differently. Because the footer and navigational links are repeated in every page.


For Better SEO we should use only One H1 headline tag per page, as in the newspaper there is only one big headline , likewise we should use one H1 headline tag per page.


Content are the words which are on your page , the contents that has listed and the contents that has the keywords , and it explains the information about the specific topic.Your Contents should be real , not copied and should be well occupied by the relevant keyword.But remember don’t use too much keywords , because the excess of everything is bad! Actually there is a term keyword density !! which means the number of keywords used in the content , so for Good SEO it should be used less.


When uploading Images in your post for example, name the image with related keyword in your post. If your post is all about balls and you add picture/image to your post, instead naming it 123.jpg, named it as ball.jpeg.


Because there are lots of blog scattered around the world wide web, we need to look for a way how to able to outrank other blogger that competes to our niche and to do that, you need to follow this simple tips to increase your chance to be seen-able in the first page of search engines!

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