How to Write a Good Blog Post to Attract Visitors

Maybe you have already heard about successful bloggers who are earning big profits from their blogs(the more traffic the more sales you can do with your blog) , but before they become what they are now, they made a lot of research regarding to blogging and their topic or niche expertise before they become good at writing blog post which leads them to attract traffic to their website.When i started blogging it was hard because as a Filipino, we do not usually use English language in the Philippines, but THANKFULLY because of school and education, it help me become a better fluent  in English writing.

It is really hard to start composing a blog post for your blog at first, because you usually do not do that until blogs and making money passively was introduce to you. In my experience when i started blogging, writing and composing content was never easy for me because i usually dont talk to much in the physical world, i didnt have the IDEA what are the other things to talk about. I am sharing this to you just to let you realize and motivate what kind of worst blogger i am when i started blogging. Giving you the hope that there is a chance for you to become successful in the career of blogging.

To become a good blogger and a good blog post writer, the only thing you need to do is to never stop learning, specially on the niche of your blog. There is no way for a person to explain on some topic that was never introduce to him or never taught to him, so if you still dont have the idea to make a blog post or another blog  topic to share to others then you better start doing research on books and to other people’s blogs that is related to your blog niche.

In the middle of my blogging journey about writing good blog post for my blog, i realize that the important recipe to become a successful blog post writer is to take time to create the content. never become a blogger who is writing a blog post that is in some kind of a deadline or like in some kind of a race where you dont have an enemy.

Because when you rush in making a blog post, you write with less thoughtful idea or worse, you are just copying content that will never be good for your blog. your blog will never the best if you dont have the best unique approach in a topic.

When i was writing instead of rushing through a post. I find out that if I pause for a little bit and be thoughtful about my blog post topic on what i need to add up, my post rises to a new level of quality and posts tend to get more traction with readers. They don’t guarantee the perfect post but they certainly take you a step closer to a good one.

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Here are some points to help you out make a good blog post:

Start Collecting Ideas

Make a habit of saving ideas for titles, topics and even paragraphs in some notebook or other electronic tools you can use.

Read! Read! Read!

This is the one that works for me, i often read website and blog everyday, and whats useful when doing that is you are able to adapt the format of their blog post and how they write and how they drive their written conversation in their blog post. You will able to slowly understand each of the blogger’s rules in writing blog post.

Find a Problem in your Niche

For example if your topic is about loans, the topic you should discuss to your blog are how to handle loans, Ideas how to loan and etc etc. Focus on what are the holes in your topic and you could think of an idea on what is the next topic for your blog post. Mostly people go to internet to find solution for their problems, so better think of a problem and find a solution for it.

Create an Intriguing Title

Before visitor visits your blog, your blog title must be intriguing and appeal-able, make it sure you make your readers curious when they see your blog title…

Your Content must have a Point

A post needs to have a point. If it’s just an intriguing title and opening you’ll get people to read – but if the post doesn’t ‘matter’ to them it’ll never get traction.

Add a little bit of Story telling

People like story telling, It adds up interest to readers to read more deeply to a blog post. Example are if you share the story your  life related to the topic or what did you do and What happen related to the topic that is related to the topic and etc. etc.


When learning this 6 points that i have shared to you, i have able to write multiple content per week and it never stops me to write more. If you just take time and realize these 6 point that i shared to you, you will be able to start to think right on how to write a good blog post for you blog..

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