How to Write an Eye Catching Blog Post Title

Blog post titles are the first thing that gets noticed on your blog and blog post title is the king of your blog posts that plays a powerful role in attracting traffic when readers search for a keyword in Google or any other search engine. So you must be more wise and smart while writing a blog post title. Spending some time to write a powerful blog post title is always worth spending. So let us learn few important key notes today on writing a powerful eye catchy blog post titles.

How to Write an Eye Catching Blog Post Title

Give Them A Reason Why

A great headline should also be definite. It should show the reason why you are writing the article. Normally, people just read the headlines. If they do not like it, they would not read the contents of the article.

When you write a headline, it should show your customers why they need to read it. The customers should know that they are the ones you are looking for. It should benefit them when they read your article or buy your product. If they feel that they are not the ones you are looking for, they would just skip to the next article.

Write a Guide or How to

Writing a Guide orcHow to’s will be more powerful.  the most readers always search for how to solve their current problems, so that’s gonna boost organic traffic to your blog and also help you in catching users attention towards your blog post as you can see, this blog post title is nothing but an how to guide. How to write a crispy blog post title is more convenient and inspiring one than write a crispy blog post title.

Include Using Numbers in Your Headline

Using numbers in your headlines is one of the best ways to get noticed and increase click through rates. Research after research confirms that readers are much likelier to click on a headline that includes numbers than a plain text headline. examples are : 7 tips to blah blah or 23 Way to blah blah… name what you like, its up to you.

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Add more Curiosity in Your Blog Title

Are you good in making people curious on a topic?  If so, use it wisely in your blog post titles and your talent will surely gonna be worth here. Your blog post titles must be so curious that your reader can never ignore your blog post at any cost. Writing a curios blog post titles is the king practice among any other kinds of blog post titles including how to’s or top lists.

Use Negative Superlatives

Just like controversial headlines, using negatives words in your headlines can also trigger a strong interest in your content. Negative headlines tap into the insecurities of your readers and create a strong sense of guilt in them. It makes them feel left behind and on the wrong track. All of these things are good if your content is actually helping your readers.

Create Conversational Headlines

You see it every day on television, news channels and social media. Controversial topics, opinions, people or anything else associated with controversy generates interest among people. That’s exactly why controversial headlines work so well. They challenge the conventional wisdom and go against the beliefs of people. Naturally, this gets them interested and engaged in your content.

Make a “List”  Blog Post Title

Most Readers or Surfers are looking for options in the internet for certain problems. Try to write blog post titles featuring in top lists, for ex:- ‘10 web hosting alternatives’ is a bad practice where as ‘Top 10 web hosting alternatives‘ is a most inspiring one. There are maximum chances that these type of blog posts will be always bookmarked by users. So try to feature your blog post title with top 5, top 10, top 100 lists and that’s more eye catchy thing.

Think of a blog post Title that will end at Question Mark

Don’t write your post titles like nothing but a line of sentence. Show some expression in it.  Starting a blog post title with ‘how to’ and ending it with a ‘?’ mark is one of the best practice and it really have a great impact on readers mind. As the internet users search for how to guides finding a solution for it, a blog post title with how to at beginning and question mark at the end will sure to make your readers more curious to click when they see your blog post title in search engines.

Alway dont Forget Word Counting

Each and every bloggers will have a bulk lines of headings while writing a blog post title, it doesn’t mean that you write a lengthy blog post title and that’s gonna stand at the front page of Google. Your blog post title must be no more than 70 characters in limit. Maintain the limit and utilize it well.

Try Something Different

Every person is different, which is why your headline should be too.  No one would like to see something over and over again. If you would just copy the headlines of others, no one would want to read what you have written because it looks boring. If you look at the taglines of the big companies, you could see that they are all unique. They are catchy and grab your attention.

Just like a tagline, a headline is also something that a customer reads. With it, they judge your article right away. Think of a headline that matches your company and your product. Preferably, you should use words that would stick to your customers’ minds.

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