Pay SSS Contribution Online Step-by-Step Philippines

I got good tips for you my fellow filipinos! Do you want to pay your SSS contribution online? Are you getting lazy to pay and falling in line in some other SSS branches? Do want an easy way? Now you can pay your SSS Contributions online using Coins.PH

What is Coins.PH

Coins.Ph is a Philippine-based company that facilitates money transfers using the Blockchain technology. In layman’s terms, it allows you to buy, send and receive Bitcoins to pay for your bills, deposit to your bank, load up prepaid cellphone credits and many more.

But in this post we will be talking more about how to Pay SSS Contribution Online Step-by-Step.

Pay SSS Contribution Online Step-by-Step Philippines

  1. You need to register here to create a account.
  2. Once you are registered, please verify first your account in the limits and verification, this will be reviewed and hopefully it will be dont within 48 hours.
  3. Go to Cash in Page to add funds to your wallet. 
  4. Select “Pay Bills”
  5. On Bill Type select “SSS Contributions”
  6. It will ask you for the following details
    • SSS Account type (ex. Self-employed or OFW)
    • SSS Number
    • Member Name (preferred full name)
    • Aplication Period (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Exact Amount you want to pay
  7. Once done select “Pay Bill” button

Where To Go To add fund to your wallet?

You can go to he nearest branches of Cebuana Lhuillier ,MLhuillier, BDO or GCash, Online Bank Transfer,7-eleven.

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How will you know if your bill has been successfully paid?

They process payments within 3 business days. After settling your bill, a confirmation email containing the details of the payment will be sent to the customer via email. Here’s what it looks like:

That will serve as confirmation that your bill has been successfully paid and will be posted on the service provider’s end within 1-3 business days.

Quick Tips

  • There may be cases where pending payments will reflect on your next billing statement. But don’t worry! You may contact your service provider to clarify your account concerns.
  • Use to pay your bills and earn PHP 5.00 for every unique transactions and PHP 100.00 for every 5 unique transactions per week

Did you know you also make money with Coins.PH?

The complete details will be in this page , but let me just share  the summary of it. When you register to you will have your own referral link. In every referral that you refer, when that person verifies his/her account, you will receive another 50PHP and your referral will also receive 50PHP. Continue more referring people to Coins.PH so you can make unlimited earning here in Coins.PH

By following the above instructions, you can now start paying your SSS Contribution monthly without falling in a long line and waiting for your turn. This is much easier for OFWs than letting their relatives manually pay for their monthly contributions. Since this is securely protected company, you can guaranteed its safe. If you are wondering why you are preferred to pay your monthly SSS contributions, then you should know that there are a bundle of benefits a regular payer can get after their retirement or just in case they need extra financial support. Benefits such as Sickness, Maternity, Retirement, Disability, Death and Funeral. Loans are also available such as housing, house repair/improvement and salary. Retirement benefits are also larger if you continue paying monthly until the age of 60-65

You Can also do business with Coins.PH

the idea to make extra business with is that it can also be use as a load retailer, what best with is that you can load to all networks, it can be use to load SMART,TNT,SUN,GLOBE,TM. With every load that transac with customer, you gain 5% rebates or refund per amount that you load. you can also use as a personal loading machine. when you need a load for your mobile phone, will be your savior whenever you may go as long you have an internet connection and also a mobile phone with you!

That’s it! Thank you for reading, hope it serves you well. If you have any thought or question to my blog post, you can leave a comment below and I will be glad to answer your question.

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