How to Recover Your Deleted Blog Post on Blogger/Blogspot

Writing your best blog post requires a lot of time and effort before you are able to publish your high quality blog post online. First step is you brainstorm for your headlines, then you do some research, grab some important points, then write an optimized blog post focusing what your audience wants to read, before publishing, you will diagnose errors in the whole article,and when you think that it is already worth to read , you will hit publish and your done. Depending upon the mood and knowledge on that subject it might take few hours to achieve well thought out article(average time span).

So, what happens if you accidentally deleted your blog post or someone who  got access to your blog deleted that post? All your hard work will be vanished in just a seconds, right!? When you delete an e-mail its quite possible to recover from the trash folder unless deleted permanently, but in it doesn’t have any such folder to recover the deleted post. so recovering the data back to blog turned complex, but actually its easy to retrieve back if you know the trick.

Here are Some Cases on How You Can Recover Your Blog Post:

Following Contents:

How to Recover Deleted Draft Posts

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What To do If You Accidentally Deleted a Drafts

How to Recover Blog Post Using Google Cache

How to Republish your deleted blog post using the Cache

Last Method How to Recover Deleted Blogger Blog Post


How to Recover Deleted Draft Posts

Again so it will never happen again always make a backup for your post in every single update you do so when unwanted things happen again you can restore everything in your blog using your own blog backup. I am just saying that you must always have to be prepared for any of such unwanted situations. Now before we see about recovering a deleted blog post we will consider different cases in which you or someone deleted your blog post. Whenever you delete a blog post a screen will pop-ups and ask you for confirmation “Are you sure you want to delete the selected post(s)?” the choice is yours.


Let’s assume you wrote a blog post already directly from blogger compose mode and you haven’t yet published it(so it means it is a draft). Now in case if you or someone closed that window then you can easily recover it from your drafts. Blogger saves all your unpublished post in drafts and also before closing that window, you will be reminded like this one below.


In the first case it is still recoverable but in this second case, you might not be knowledgeable how to do it:

What To do If You Accidentally Deleted a Drafts

For Example,  after you done some modification on the draft post, and you accidentally deleted it for some reason, so how to recover it back? Keep in mind that Blogger stores all unpublished posts in drafts but it doesn’t stores deleted drafts in a separate trash files, So how can you recover that deleted drafts?

Finding post URL from browser History

Just after your accident in deleting your blog post.

1.View your browser history by clicking CTRL + H or shift + CTRL + H.

2.You will now see your recent browsing activities, click on view >> sort it by last visited and you will find your drafted post or edited post.

3.Opening that post will bring you back all the content and images but when you hit publish or save to draft you will get an error message. So all you can do is copy the content from HTML editor, create a new post, paste it and then publish your post.


Now that I taught you already how to Recover Deleted Drafts. What if you have accidentally deleted your done Published Blog Post? How will you recover it? It is just very easy here is tutorial:

How to Recover Blog Post Using Google Cache

Whenever a blog article is posted, often search engine will make a cache version of the page, which will be updated in a regular time interval, which has all the information about the particular URL last appeared on site before deletion.

How to Recover Your Deleted Blog Post on Blogger/Blogspot

To find the deleted blog post Url:

  1. Type in google search engine.
    • (Note: if you know the url simply type cache:yourblogurl in search page or address bar directly to open cache version)
  2. The above search query( will list all the blog post indexed by google, select the blog post from the list. (or else)
  3. If you know the title of the deleted blog post type the query something like this
    • [ title name] this query will filter search result.
  4. Click the drop down below search title and click cached to open the page in cache version.


5.Open the deleted page/post in cache version.

How to Republish your deleted blog post using the Cache

You can simply copy the post and re-publish it, but you cannot get the traffic and comments that you receive for that particular post back. so to get the actual blog post traffic and comments back try posting it with the blog url.

  1. Press ctrl+u (or) right click and select view source at cache version of the page.
  2.  At the source window press ctrl+f and type postID for example something like this  postID=4950781826288432010‘ Note it down.
  3. Now go to blog dashboard of the blog post which you want to recover. (Note: Since you can create maximum of 100 blogs per account, each blog that you create has unique blog ID)
  4. Open any published post (or) open new post and click edit option to open post editor.
  5. Replace the post ID that you find on the browser bar, with the deleted post ID that you noted down at step 2.
  6. Press Enter key, and the post editor will display the deleted post content in it.
  7. Now click publish button, to make the deleted blog post to re-appear live on internet.

Last Method How to Recover Deleted Blogger Blog Post

Blogger will remove URL from its cache version that were dead for 90 day’s, but we have another crawler called “way back machine” just like google crawler, this crawler also crawls and saves cached file in its database.

  1. Simply visit
  2. Enter the url into search field and click browse history.
  3. It plot’s the dates of the url crawled last.

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