What is SEO for Beginners Guide 2017

Are you still a beginner in SEO, good new! In this post i will share some precious information what is SEO for bengginers. When a started blogging, i was very curious what really is SEO, so for newbie like you lets start with the definition.

What is SEO?

SEO, search engine optimization, is the process of creating compelling content and configuring the content is such a way that the search engines know what the content is about.

There are many technical aspects to SEO, but without superb content, the technical won’t help your page rank on Google.

The Benefits in Having A Good SEO

If you have applied the right SEO way, you would have a chance to go to first page of google search, but why do you need to be there?

  • Because Over 36% of all the clicks go to #1 position.
  • Positions #1, #2 and #3 get over 57% of all the clicks.
  • Over 70% of people searching will click on a Page #1 search result.
  • Page #2 and #3 get only 6% of the clicks.

So How to Search Engine Like Google Search Work?

Google gets over 3.5 billion searches per day which results in over 350 millions paid clicks per day. That’s a lot of clicks and Google needs lots of content to attract those clicks.

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This is the foundation of SEO. How to make your content be the #1 choice for Google for your important keywords.

What Are Keywords?

When someone does a search on Google, the phrase they use is called a “search query”.

Keywords are the key phrases on your website that you want to align as closely as possible with the “search query”.

Let’s look at this example: WordPress SEO

You can see that the search query example is “WordPress SEO”, and the exact phrase “WordPress SEO” comes up in the URL and the content of the first search result.

The closer your keywords match the search query the more likely your page will rank higher in the search results.

Choosing Keywords

Keyword and Content Relevance

How closely does the keyword describe your product or service?

Let’s look at an example: You own a retail tire store.
The searcher is looking for: Truck Tires for a Toyota Tundra:

The first organic result has this as the title in the result: “Best Tires For Toyota Tundra at Tire Rack”.

The keyword “Toyota Tundra” is repeated 31 times and the word “Tire” is repeated 320 times on the page and in the source code (what Google sees).

Toyota Tundra: Source code for “Tire Rack Website Page”

Tires: Source code for “Tire Rack Website Page”


he best way to find out how much traffic your keywords can get is to use Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Using the Google Keyword Planner Tool you can put in your keyword and find additional keyword suggestions, how much traffic goes to each keyword [3], how competitive the keyword is and the value of the keyword.

You can research many keywords at once. You will be able to judge the real value of your keywords based on how much they are worth, how competitive they are and who your competitors are for that keyword.


How many competitors are looking for this keyword? A very competitive keyword means that your competitors get value from visitors with that keyword. The downside of that is that lots of websites are optimizing for that keyword.

The trick is to find the keywords that you can reasonably get. You find these keywords by looking at and researching the websites in positions #1, #2 and #3. If you can compete with those websites then optimize for that keyword.

If the websites in positions #1, #2 and #3 are too competitive then modify that keyword until you find the right combination of competition, traffic and relevance for your keywords.

Choose Your Focus Keyword

When creating a blog post in your blogger/blogspot blog, you must first decide what are the focus keyword. For example If you are going to discuss in your blog post about dogs, then your focus keyword will be dogs. If you topic will be basketball, then your focus keyword will be all about basketball(this kind to be too basic for you to understand it is because i am trying to let you understand this very well.). So think of a focus topic keyword first.

Use Long Tail Keyword

I suggest you use keywords that are long tail in your blog post. For example if your focus keyword is basketball, then think of specific topic like, how to play basketball when you are already tired(this is only an example but this will help you understand in step-by-step). Long tail keyword are very effective because if you use short tail keyword. For example basketball, “basketball” has already a lot of competition, if other bloggers use long tail keywords including the keyword basketball then you will go to the last queue. not like if a user use long tail keyword like how to play basketball when you are already tired. If a user search for keyword basketball and tired. you will have a big chance that your blog post will be found in search engine.

Your Blog Post Title/Headlines

When you have already decided what Long tail keyword you will use, you must also apply it in your Headline/title. Remember Headlines can also be included by the search engine.

Also this can be helpful for users to decide if your blog post is relevant to what they are looking for.


Now that you have a Focus keyword, Made a Long Tail Keyword and already applied to your Blog Post Title/Headline, it is now time to apply it in your URL. For example if your long tail keyword is how to play basketball when you are already tired, your url must be www.yourdomain.com/how-to-play-basketball-when-you-are-already-tired.

The more keyword is relevant to the user to type in the search engine to look for information, the better result you get.

Must Craft Lengthy Blog Post

Content is King that is what most bloggers will tell you to do and it is very true, The longer blog post you make, the more keywords you produce and the more keywords that google collects in your blog post, the bigger chance of good result you will get with your blog post.

When writing blog post in your blogger/blogspot blogs, i suggest that you write more or less or near to 1,500 words per blog post. Its okay if you have hard time thinking or words to create a 1,500 words in a blog post, i will not rush you and dont rush yourself. Quality content is better than quantity, I have already experience writing many blog post, and few of them are showing in google search engine, WHY? It is because the original content are serve first to show in google search, If you will try to copy on other blogs, you will have the same arrangement of words and obviously the older blog post is the first who will be shown in the search engines.

Never try to trick search engines, they know who is first and who is last. Having a duplicate content will have less attraction. So dont ever try to copy that is not your own work.

Hope this gave you an idea how to improve your blog or website’s SEO, if you have additional or if you need more clarification, you can leave a comment below and i will be happy to give you my response!

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