What is Pingler and What Benefit Do It Bring To Your Blog

What is Pingler , why you must Use Pingler and what is the benefit of Pingler?  Many of you out there might have already heard about Pingler, and the amazing benefits it can offer. But before investing any money into yet another online tools, let’s look at what Pingler has to offer and why you might, as an internet marketer and a blogger, would benefit from using the product.

Pingler is a web based service that allows Internet marketers the ability to get their blog pinged. The goal of this service is to provide a dependable way for marketers and blogger to get their sites pinged.

What is “Pingler” Anyways?

What is a Ping?

In blogging, a ping is a mechanism by which a blog notifies a server that its content has been updated. A signal is sent to one or more “ping servers” which can then generate a list of blogs that have new material. The technology was first October 2001 and has had such a profound and powerful impact on blog rankings that today, most blog authoring tools automatically ping one or more servers each time the blogger creates a new post or updates an old one.

So, for example,  each time you post a blog. The benefit of this is that you would get your whole site indexed faster, get new pages indexed, and start ranking for your search terms faster. Pingler is a service that helps you automate this process rather than go through a each aggregator site one by one and submit your RSS feed.

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Pinging is a very useful tool and should be used to maximize a blog’s exposure. Leveraging Pingler to ping your blog is an excellent source of building link popularity while gaining global exposure to your blog. This will help you get more traffic, more visitors, and listed in the search engines faster.

How do I Use Pingler?
It is not difficult to ping your blog. My two favorite sites, also known across the industry as the better ones are:Ping-o-Matic and Pingler. You can enter manually your blog URL and name, then, check all of the services that you want to know about your blog. I would recommend checking “all”,  is better.

Can I Automate Pingler?
Absolutely! For a small membership fee, Pingler can get up to 25 of your sites pinged automatically.

In other words, for $2.99/month, You can set up this process in Pingler for up to 25 websites. You can then automate it so that Pingler automatically pings your site every 2-3 days. This will enable you to get your site indexed faster, start working on building links, and receive traffic faster.

Why Pay a monthly Fee if I can Ping with Ping-o-Matic or with Pingler for Free?

The huge benefit here is that for a minimal fee ($2.99/month), you would not have to manually go through this process every time you update contents on your blog, twitter account, Face book account, etc… Pingler would do that for you all at once. So serious time saving is associated with the upgraded account option.

Also, it is important to know that many pinging sites do not follow links. For that reason alone, it would be well worth it to the paid version of Pingler subscribe to this service. The paid version er allows you to gain back links for search engine benefits. Subscribing to the automated service is a good investment if your main goal is to get your pages indexed faster and your sites ranking as quickly as possible. As a subscriber, Pingler will list your site’s live link on its pages. Although the links are listed as “no follow” and cannot be considered as back links, the Pingler community does add value for visibility purposes. Community users can see your site and will follow your links.

Anything to be on the Lookout for while Using Pingler?
As a whole, Pingler is an easy and effective tool in getting your blog or site indexed and getting increased traffic to your URL. The majority of reviews are positive and most subscribed users find significant added value to paying the additional $2.99/month premium (starting package). For greater needs, Pingler offers expanded packages for a high monthly fee (obviously… ). Of course, using the free version and pinging manually is always an option to end users. Just be aware that is not without faults. The success rate to get pinged is not 100% guaranteed.


The general consensus on Pingler is that most users find that most pings to sites go through and sometimes even generate backlinks from the pinging sites. Obviously, the biggest benefit from using the paid subscription in Pingler is the time you will save..

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