What is the Benefit of Ping in your Website and Blog

It is a good idea that you are researching about Ping or having the interest about pinging. Hopefully i can give you the answer in this post.

In General term Ping or pinging is a web service. It is used to warn Spider and Crawler Indexer’s when a new page has been added or updated to your blog.

Ping service is a universal way for you to inform the search engines to Index your newly added or updated Blog post pages into their database.

As a result of all this search engines are able to count your blog back-links quickly, which in turn is useful to your site ranking; besides Ping is also helpful to your blog SEO. Pinging sites are used to complete your blog indexing process quickly.
What are some ping site you can use:

The right way of using ping is only when you have a new post in your blog or website.

Usually when i have a new blog post in this blog I ping them as soon as i am finish publishing them. So after you have publish your blog post or website post, dont forget to ping it!

Reminders:  Over pinging can get you black listed so it means that if you abuse pinging your website, you website might not be index.

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