When you got the Feeling in Giving Up Blogging

When i was starting blogging i felt excited with all the expectation that i need to start writing content and writing more, and when i write multiple blog post i will get visitor and suddenly i will make me money. that is how i was thinking from the start.

At the start i have created a multiple blog post per day and it ranges 3-7 post per day and it brought me traffic and i was happy, but that was just the start. After 3 month i felt like i already wrote the things that i already learn and everything that i know. and my traffic slowly decreasing and that was it, my motivation suddenly collapse. For short i quit blogging for a several months until i discover these things when i was out in the world of blogging.


What you should do to make your Blog Successful

Age your Blog First

I just realize that my blog was still new of course the visitors in my blog were still not stable. I still dont have a lot of fans and followers.
Did you know that a new blog still needs to prove to visitors(potential fans and follower). Yes you already have the content but the contents need time to be distribute to people who are looking for the answers/topic that will be helpful to them, and when they see that your content in useful, they will share it to others..
Also the reason why your traffic visitors are still not stable it is because your domain name is still new. Just think this way for example, It will be very unfair for example if your blog is already old and the new blogs has the chance to get many viewers from search engines like google than you, isn’t that unfair? So be patience let your blog age more for 2-5 year. and hey domain names are not that expensive you know. if you are a wordpress then tranfer to blogger.com

Make Blog as your Passion

The reason why you might been thinking of quitting now is because When you started making your blog, you might only be thinking to make money out of it.
Just to make you realize blogging is not a quick rich opportunity, some blogs make money after it made their blog 2-5 years, it might be that far but it made them now rich if not rich by it gave them wealth they need. Do not give up it is just a matter of time before your blog will be visible to everyone, as long your content are a high quality. you blog will prosper.

Do not Copy it is not Cool

While making a new blog post copying and pasting is not cool. You are just proving yourself how poor your creativity are. You are also proving yourself that your blog is good as junk to just trash it when your done because it is not your originality. It is much better to have a quality content that is made by your own writing creativity because it is unique and fun to read than a copy paste content that you already know that it is already existed.

Be a Story Teller

It doesn’t mean now you already write everything you know it doesn’t mean it is already all you have. There are lots of people who are still looking for the same topic but they need it more specific information. Be a story teller, there still much to dig from the post that you have already written. The Idea might be there in your blog posts but there is still specific topic that was still not been discuss. When digging more from your post, you are also digging your self to become the master of your niche, you are learning more and you create more interest from your own blog. that is how your are going to start and that is how you will going to continue to transform your blog and become successful than other blogger in the world of blogging.
Thank you for reading my contents!


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