Why Your Blog Post is not on First page of Google

Making your blog post to the first page of google is a tough challenge. When i started blogging i was not curious about how to make my blog post in the first page. Until that day comes that i wanted to make money from my blog and to make money from my blog, the only thing i need to do is make a lot of visitors. But how? If my blog cant get to the first page?

We dont know how the algorithm work in the google search engine. But what i discover is that you have the chance to get your blog post to the first page of google, if you know why your blog post is not yet in the first place in google. Here dig more.

What are the Reasons why your Blog Post is not Getting on the First Page Of Google


You dont have a lot of Backlinks. Backlinks is done when theres a link from other website pointing to your blog. Because when robots crawl to other website and passes to the link that point to your blog your Domain Authority Increases then will also increases your rank in google that will make your blog post to the higher level(ranking competition to other blog post which are related to your topic).

How to get Backlinks

1. Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is done by simply doing comments to other blog post that are related to your blog niche. When you do some comment, comment box ask you to input your blog url. That is one way to do backlinks, but be sure when doing a comment please make it useful for other readers and specially to the blog owner of the blog where he/she can explain more clear about the topic of his/her blog post.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is simply by becoming a guest in other blog and write for them for free. When doing a blog post, pick a blog that is also related to your blog. After you are done writing your guest post, they will ask you to include your blog url that is second way how to get backlink.

3. Promote your blog to Social Media

Advertise your blog! Promote your blog url by posting your link to to Facebook,Tweeter and Linkin. This will also increase visitors to your site which also will help you to rank your blog slowly and it is also a way to collect fans that has interest to blog niche.

4. Submit your Url to Search Engine

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Have you not forgetten submiting your site to search engine webmaster tool?

List Search Engine where you can Submit your Url

1.Google Webmaster Tools
2. Bing Webmaster Tools
3. Yandex Webmaster Tools


Your content is not continues. You are not updating it frequently. Think of some topic that your can write everyday, for example 1 blog post a day or 3 blog post week, its your call as long your always produce blog post.
Did you know When you always write different blog post in your niche, you could create different keywords for your site that leads researchers or shall i say visitors to your blog. People want more specific topic to learn new things, so Keep writing until you get more visitor in your blog every day.

Your Content is not High Quality

Your Content might not be as high quality as you think. Everytime you make a blog post, Think of a topic that will solve other peoples problem that is how High quality content is. Dont write a topic that no one cares so you will attract more fans and followers and sharers for your high quality blog post.

Your Blog is not Yet Old

If you are a new blogger, you must make your blog age 2-3 years to make it successful. Every day new bloggers arises, and most of them fail, why? because they thought blogging is a quick rich opportunity, but its not. To make a huge amount of money in blogging, it needs a long time to gather fans and followers to your blog.  If you think your blog post are useful to other people, then let it last, make your domain plan to 5 years and see it grow slowly. People will refer your blog to other people and when that time comes then you will see great results.

What you need to do to Rank your Blog

Quality Content

You cannot rank without a content and also categorized in 2 types one is quality content and other is low quality or thin content or shall i say not to useful. This is where many new bloggers make mistake every time. They think that I am having lots of content on my blog then why I am ranking lower than my competitors

Well the reason is that it doesn’t matter how much content you are having on your blog site if you content is not a high quality content then no one wants to share or link your post then you are likely to be ranked low as compared to your competitors websites So I would recommend to you if you have just started blogging to focus more on content because at the end  content is king which every blogger always tell to new blogger.

Gather a lot of  Backlinks

Well to outrank your competition in Google you must build backlinks to your blog but this does not mean that you must build hundreds of thousands of low quality backlinks as this is not going to help your website to have good rankings what matters is the quality of the backlinks which you are building and this will greatly influence how higher your website will get ranked in search engine results page

Spy your competition

Yes if you want to outrank a website then you have to spy on your competitor  which means that you have to keep a close eye and observe from where you competitors are getting new backlinks and their keyword as well as what type of content they are writing on their blogs and you can walk in that same direction

Be Better

One simple trick to outrank your competition in Google is become better blogger or webmaster then your competition which means write better content, build better backlinks,Participate more on Guest Blogging, promote your blog posts more than your competitors you overall goal should be to deliver more what your competitors are delivering then automatically you will see the difference and you will be surprised to see that you indeed outranked most of your competition in Google

Guest Posting

This trick is really very effective if you use it properly what you have to do is to find other high ranking blogs and authority websites in your niche and do guest posting on their blog which will ultimately earn you backlinks as well as you will get new readers for your blog and this is great way to reach new audience as well as snatch decent amount of readers from your competitors

On page SEO

Now this again is one of the biggest Google ranking factors which determines you will be able to outrank your competition in Google or not and you must do your on page SEO optimization properly make sure that you are using your main keyword in meta title, meta description and few times in the content.

How to Increase Domain Authority

Blog Must be User Friendly

Make your site more user friendly and don’t use lots of useless widgets sidebar on your website or blog as this will increase the load time of your website and Google considers site load time as one of the most important ranking factor. I have seen may newbie blogger even pro bloggers doing this mistake over and over that uses too many widgets and gadgets on their blog just to make it look attractive yes of course you must use widgets but limit it to only useful ones which will help in reducing your website or blog load time drastically.

Also make your site navigation highly user friendly this will help them as well as search engines to find all your content easily if possible you can use breadcrumbs on your blog to let the user know where they are on your blog and also Google loves this specially if you website is very large.

Have a Unique Backlinks

One of the best trick you can do here is start looking for various blogs in your niche and start doing guest posting but here our goal is not to write 100 of blog posts for single blog and get 100 backlinks the point here which will benefit you more is to do 1 guest post on 1 blog and move on to other So if you manage to do blog posts on 50 blog over a course of time then you will be having 50 unique and highly targeted backlinks pointing to your website or blog and this will drastically boost your domain authority qucikly.

Never do guest blogging that is  not related to your niche like for example if you are having a blog about fitness and getting a backlinks from SEO blog then it will not do much benefit as compared to relevant and highly targeted niche oriented backlink So if you utilize this technique then I am pretty sure that you can see your DA score moving up in no time. I have seen many blogger who have used this strategy to boost their domain authority really fast So why not you.

Internal Linking

Did you know that internal linking will help you in increasing your domain authority?

Have you not notice  the internal linking of Wikipedia? They are always linking other relevant pages in their websites which indirectly increases the ranking of that page Also this helps our readers to learn more about a particular topic and you must be knowing that Google always give priority to user experience So if your website is having good internal linking structure then surely you readers will love and admire your skills also Google loves this kind of website which are having interlinked content.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know Social Media like Facebook,Twitter and etc. can help your website or blog increase your Domain Authority? Google gives more importance to social media signals which will help you to increase domain authority of a website or blog fast.

The more number of like and share your articles get the more traffic you are going to bring in to your website and at the same time your SEO will also increase since in google 200 ranking factors social signals also plays a very important role.

So if you have a blog then get your readers to share you blog posts on popular social media sites like facebook, twitter, google plus and pinterest etc and this will help a lot. Also you can ask your readers to please share on social media sites and there is nothing wrong or you have to feel embarrassed about it. If you article is quality content the people would love to share on social media sites and the best way is to place social media sharing icons on your blog or website.

Persistent Writing

Always write contents for your blog. Writing new blog posts every time will increase visitors to your website. If you  were a follower of a blog, would you still follow a blog if it is not updating frequently? Also continuing update of your blog will tell google that you still exist. Google will always show active and continues update blog in the search engines.

Domain Age

Domain Age also plays a vital role that determines the Domain Authority. If you own a domain name which is more than 10 years old then surely it will have more domain authority as compared to the website who owns a domain for 1 year only.

Because older you domain name domain will be the more links it will acquire over time as compared to new domains. So if you want to increase your domain authority then if possible pick a domain name which is already having good number of backlinks and it aged enough and this trick will drastically boost your DA

You can easily find such domain names by browsing through Namecheap but for this you have to pay more money as compared in buying a domain name like we normally do but the results are awesome.


Ranking your sites in google is not easy but if you plan your SEO and content writing strategy then surely you are going to see good results, what I want to tell you that if you are thinking to outrank sites then do dream first to obtain that goal, but first improve your blog with some better and useful contents that will help you outshine your competitor in the competition of Search Engine Optimization.

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